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The Cowplant Challenge is a farming- based challenge that takes place in the Sims 4. It focuses on a loving family, the Greene Family, who have moved onto their Great Aunt Allison's broken- down farm. This farm and its owner were once known for growing Cowplants, at least, until one ate Great Aunt Allison. Since then, the farm has been left unused and the dust has settled. Plants have overgrown, rocks are now covered all along the ground, and termites have eaten away at the house.

But the neighboring town has decided that they don't want the historic and once famous farm there anymore. Instead, they wish to build condos and homes on the beautiful land. This is why the Greene Family has arrived. Seri and the family are "given" a list of challenges that must be completed in 24 sim days. They also are given a list of rules to follow during the challenge.

With all 46 episodes both exciting, suspenseful, and full of unexpected surprises, this series is one of the most loved and cherished among Seri's viewers.

Rules and Guidelines

    The Basics: Rescue the family farm! You need to repair the lot and raise six healthy cowplants in the farm corral... in under 24 sim days! This gives the sims a sort of "summer" where they are out of school and ready to work on the farm all day long! There are also several Optional Challenges (see below) you can also try out if you are up for the challenge!

To repair the house... raise your handiness skill!

- At Handiness Level 2 you can repair the wallpaper inside the house and barn!
- At Handiness Level 4 you can repair the siding on the house and barn!
- At Handiness Level 6 you can repair the cracks on the windows!

To clean the farm... continue to raise that handiness skill...!

- At Handiness Level 8 you can remove all the "smaller" cluster of boulders! 
- At Handiness Level 10 you can open up the entrance to the mines and visit them for the "restoring" water that can bring the three dead trees on the farm back to life! 

Also, don't forget to remove the Huge Boulders - but you'll need to hire professionals and save up $2,000 in order to remove each Huge Boulder! There are five of them on the lot so that is $10,000 saved up all together! If you are going for the "farming" part of this challenge try to earn that money only with gardening, handiness, painting, fishing, or other hand-made skills! Use the money cheat to remove the funds from your family inventory and delete the boulders each time you save enough! (A fun bonus idea: put down some of the fossil/ore/crystal spawning rocks when you "blow up" the boulder to give your Sims something to find as a treat!)

Next up... raise six Cow Plants! To complete the challenge you must have SIX cowplants healthy and happy in their corral by the end of the challenge. They must be at adult stage and not dead (though if your Sims have gotten eaten during the course of the challenge... well that is another story)! Remember: cowplants die easily! If they go more than a day without eating they die!

It is up to you to decide how your sim will find the cow plant berries in the world: through searching space? Grafting them by mixing plants? Fishing them up? Finding them hidden inside treasure rocks? There are many locations you can discover new cowplants from - go out and do your best to find SIX before the challenge is over!

Reminder: Be sure to reset the handiness, gardening, fishing, and any other skills you would like your sims to have to start fresh with before you start!

Optional Challenges

    If you're looking to add some heat to the Cowplant Challenge, then here are some optional challenges to make it even more difficult and fun! 

The farm comes with three negative lot traits that you can change over the course of the challenge!

The filthy lot trait can be changed once you finish repairing and decorating the farmhouse! As soon as you fix the windows by reaching level 6 of the Handiness skill you can change that filthy trait to homey, beautiful breezes, or another "lovely" trait to represent your repaired and tided up home! This is the only lot trait challenge that is completed naturally while you work on the rest of the challenge, however...!

The second lot trait is gremlins! The small pond on the farm has become polluted and the once-happy gnomes have turned into angry gremlins who break things on the lot during the night! In order to help the gnomes return to their happier form you need to clean up the pond by completing the following:

- Get a sim up to level 4 of the fishing skill so they can clean the gunk out of the pond!
- Find six different kinds of unique frog in the world either through breeding or catching them! (Bonus: use special modded frogs from Mod the Sims 4 in order to place free-range frog decor items in the pond to represent your new amphibian friends!) These frogs represent "finding" the hidden disguised forms of the gnomes! 

- Add a dash of magic by planting eight mushrooms of any type around the pond in a fairy circle... and ta da! You will have made the gnomes happy and they will become gnomes again, changing the lot trait!

The final negative lot trait is the fact that, well, the family farm is... rather cursed. The ghost of your Great Aunt Amelia Cowberry roams the lot and can give your sims a fright, slowing down their ability to complete the challenge and causing trouble for your plants! But if you can find a way to meet and befriend her you can change the lot trait from "haunted" (or cursed, if you prefer) to "fertile soil" as her spirit will be at peace and the plants on the farm will thrive again! - Bonus option: once you befriend the ghost of your great aunt move her into the family to help out on the farm! The mod from Mod the Sims 4 to remove most ghost needs (what ghosts needs to eat?!) will go a long way in making her a useful addition.

- Bonus option: hide a diary somewhere in the house and have a sim "discover" it if they reach Writing Level 4, thus unlocking the option for you to cheat in a start to a relationship with that sim and Aunt Amelia, so you can at least introduce them in case you're having trouble finding her ghost.

Finally a little extra challenge for those who have the wishing well... add a wishing well, boarded up, to your lot and unlock it if you grow a pomegranate tree! If you use it is up to you - but even if you had all the money in the world, that won't help you find cow plant berries or work on that handiness skill!