Lands of Ice

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Lands of Ice
Game Niche
Episodes 29
Playlist Niche: Lands of Ice

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Lands of Ice is a Niche challenge created using the random challenge generator. In the tribe's backstory, ice is spreading through the world, and wherever the tribe settles, they encounter the cold. They must survive in the icy lands, and to do so they have recalled legends of the ancient Yukir Tribe. As with the Yukirs, the tribe's goal is to collect the prehistoric genes to help them survive. The frozen prehistoric nichelings are said to be the descendants of the Yukirs. As well as featuring an appearance from Yuki, it is the origin of the lava god Mafic.

It was originally intended to be a shorter, fast paced challenge, to fill in time waiting for the upcoming game update (the sandbox mode update). However when the update came with the tribe still short of their goal, the challenge was expended into a new ruleset, Rise of the Phoenix. Here the goal shifted to breeding up heat body/winged/beaked "phoenixes" to act as guardians for the nichelings trapped in ice.


Lands of Ice

  • The ice is coming - you can only stay on the island for 20 days. Any nichelings who can't run away will be caught in the freezing ice. (See note, below)
  • Only ice islands. You must immediately leave non-ice islands if you stumble on one.
    • If the tribe has to cross a non-ice island, they must do so within ten days - anyone not on the port by then will be left behind as per the 20 day rule.
  • Only re-growable grass can be cleared. All the other grass is too tough to collect. Bushes and kelp are allowed.
  • No taming or attacking bearyenas. Only creatures with (any) prehistoric trait can fight them; the others have lost in the instinct of how to fight them.
  • Prehistoric genes cannot be placed into the mutation menu, they're considered too complex.
  • If direct siblings mate they must both put infertility, derp snout, no paw, and other negative traits into their mutation menus. (Half siblings are exempt.)

Note: Nichelings left behind were originally stated to have frozen, but this story point was later modified to state that they fled on another port, because the ice bridges following the ice port were too unstable to take them all.

Rise of the Phoenix

The following modifications were put into place as of Rise of the Phoenix:

  • The tribe's goal is to breed "phoenixes" to serve as guardians for the frozen nichelings. A phoenix must have wings and heat body. Bird beak is preferred for the head gene, but others may be considered. Bird wings were the original goal, but bat wings became acceptable too.
  • The time limit for staying on an island is waived as long as the tribe are on a whale island (the whale can swim away from the ice).
  • Nichelings may clear non-regrowing grass as long as they have heat body. This appears to be an ability passed down from Mafic.


Part One: Lands of Ice

Anuar and Trill.

First Island

Episodes: 1-5

The game begins with the starter pair Anuar (female) and Trill (male). They have lost their tribe to the ice and were the only two to make it to the first island. Anuar and Trill hate one another and didn't want to become mates, so they sought out new nichelings to breed with. Trill is also said to be descended from Tata.

Trill heads towards the first iceberg whilst Anuar stays by the shore, gathering food. Trill breaks open the iceberg by knocking it over into a nearby hot spring. Inside was a hammer tailed male named Kukuku, and immediately after, a wandering female named Lameis (later Acornia) appears. This is fortunate as Anuar and Trill now have other nichelings to take as mates, but Trill mates with Acornia before inviting her in, due to a misclick, so Anuar has to invite her into the tribe. Acornia is said to be gentle and shy. Meanwhile Kukuku is a former Yukir nicheling who was chosen to stay on the island and to become frozen in an iceberg, to guide the future nichelings who would free him later on.

Acornia knew there was a nest on the other side of the mountain, so she led the tribe over the peak. Kukuku finds a good hunting spot in the grass with plenty of rabbils, and a walrus deer appears. Anuar watches it walk around, curious about the new creature, and while Kukuku knows it can be dangerous, he loves hunting, and jumps after it. He is easily distracted by any prey, and will chase after any that appear. He especially likes rabbils.

Trill summons Yuki.

Acornia and Trill's child is a male named Kael, who Seri comments that he looked like he is from the Tata lineage. Meanwhile, a young purr snout wanderer appears in the grass. She is named Juniper, and she had appeared alongside a rogue. They both have spiky body, so Seri decides the rogue is her father, and though she is following him, she wants to be with the tribe instead. Anuar mates with Kukuku to keep herself safe from the rogue.

As the temperature falls, and some of the nichelings start to lose energy from the cold. The tribe heads towards the next snow port, which had an iceberg right beside it. Juniper finds some hot springs to help keep herself warm and Anuar found the iceberg whilst looking for food. She breaks it open to find an adolescent hammer tail nicheling named Tataro. He is said to be another descendant of Tata and is also sick with double immunity. Immediately after, Anuar got hit on the head with a coconut, while Juniper had to flee from a rogue male and stays close to Kael.

Anuar and Kukuku have a child, a female named Ananan. There are now two rogue males wandering the island. Meanwhile Juniper (who is now safe from the rogues as Kael is now her mate) finds a crabbit in a hot spring, which Seri called the "crabbit hotpot". Two wanderers appeared whilst Anuar is exploring, and it seemed like they are part of a competing tribe who live on the mountain. They are Mera and her son Tanuta. They vanish into the grass once Anuar collects the food she has gathered (this is what they were after) but one of the rogues then appears and mated with her. Anuar and Kukuku agree to leave the resulting baby out in the mountain, so they can have another child of their own, and the rogue's child is immediately taken by a bird. Time is starting to run out and there are fears that Anuar's last child will not be able to make it to the port before the ice comes.

Trill called out for other nichelings and summones Yuki. He has taken the form of a derp snouted digging male named Nuduk, which is taken as a sign that the tribe should breed in digging paw. Soon after Anuar passes away, just after having her last child Kouar, and Yuki vanishes, as Trill had no moves left to invite him in when he appeared. The tribe find him again with the help of the wandering male Tanuta, who was willing to switch tribes to help find the god. It is said that Yuki appeared after hearing Anuar's fears that her last child would not make it to the port. As Yuki is a snow god, he allowed the nichelings to leave the island even after the deadline, as he can hold off the arrival of the ice for a short time. However they only have as long as it takes for Kouar to reach the port.

Meanwhile Acornia and Tataro have a child called Duktata, which is apt as he is descended from Tata via Tataro. He is the first baby born with the hammer tail gene. Tataro wanted to have more children but is only able to have one more with Acornia before dying of his sickness.

The tribe started to prepare to leave. Tanuta chooses to stay behind as he was never really part of the tribe, and the older tribemembers such as Acornia also choose to stay too as they are too old to travel. Yuki leads them onto the port and onto the new lands.

Second Island

Episodes: 5-10

This is another snow island, also with plenty of grass and trees, which is a relief a it was thought it would be a barren island. On arriving the tribe find that Ananan is not there, and it seems she fell into the sea on the way. The clock is now reset and Yuki will not live long enough to hold back the snows again after the 20 day deadline, but if he has any albino children they may be able to do it. The tribe have 19 days on this island otherwise, as the extra days on the last island are taken from this one. Different family lines are now marked with different coloured gems to ensure siblings do not breed due to the penalty rules for this.

Centri finds Raa-ann.

Yuki senses the icebergs elsewhere on the island and tells Centri, who is fast, to go after them. The others try to collect what nesting material they can so that Juniper can have her baby, as she is getting old. She has a purr snout boy, Oakglen, who looks like a tabby cat. She wants another child before she dies, but there is not enough material for another nest.

Centri tries to go along the shore to get to the iceberg, but there are too many leeches. He goes back to Yuki who advises him to go over the mountain instead. A wandering baby appears, named Tigar, and Kael decides to adopt him as he was never able to have any more children with Juniper besides Oakglen. Icemeri follows Centri into the mountains, because there is a nut tree there and she remembers the story of Meis. Centri reaches the iceblock and frees Raa-ann, a young female with saber teeth. Like Kukuku she loves to hunt and immediately takes down a rabbil. With Raa-ann freed, Yuki urges the tribe to gather plenty of food and head closer to the exit port so they will have time to leave.


Duktata finds a spiky rogue male and runs back to Kouar. The rogue heads up to Icemeri instead, who mates with Yuki to keep herself safe from him. The tribe learn they will need to travel in groups to stay warm, and that being able to hunt is important to their survival. Icemeri builds a nest by a nut tree closer to the port, and the tribe find that there are plenty of rabbils here. They regroup around the tree.

Icermeri and Yuki's baby is a boy with heat body, who is named Mafic (a form of rock/lava) after his firey orange and yellow appearance. The tribe realise that, as a firey son of Yuki and his opposite of sorts, he is a new god.

The next day, a bearyena appears, drawn by a wanderer named Issi. Only Raa-ann can fight it, as she is the only nicheling with a prehistoric phenotype. Yuki jumps in front of Mafic to protect him. Raa-ann kills the bearyena, but not before it attacks Oakglen, who is the only nicheling who cannot be healed (his own purring only heals others). The tribe know that there is a healing fruit close by, and try to sniff it out through the thick grass. They are now halfway through their time on this island, so they want to have more children.

It turns out that Duktata and Icemeri will need to breed to help fix in the hammer tail as nobody else has the gene, but they are direct siblings, so they need to pass on negative traits, including infertility and derp snout. The tribe try to gather as much food and nesting material as they can to accommodate the babies they will be having.

Centri and Tigar, who do not have genes that are important to pass on, become scouts to explore the island and gather resources. They are marked with a central yellow gem to show that they are explorers instead of breeders.

Mafic becomes an adult, with a bold personality. He is not interested in living a safe life, instead he wishes to burn through what he has to create new opportunities. He considers gathering from a poison berry bush to help unlock toxic body (he can be healed by Oakglen, so it is not too bad) but eventually decides to try unlocking digging paw instead. His father, Yuki, is getting old, and he prompts the tribe to begin thinking of which of the young nichelings they will send to the next island and start to move in the direction of the port. He passes away, and leaves the tribe in Mafic's hands.

Mafic's sister Anaaname decides to become a wanderer to help save the tribe's resources. As she is Yuki's daughter is it speculated that she knows something the others do not, and is off on her own journey. She allows Mafic to banish her and vanishes into the grass. Kouar is also willing to stay as she is getting old, as are the non-breeding scouts and Oakglen. The rest of the tribe struggle to make it through the grass to the port, and a bearyena appears as they get closer. To add to the bad luck, Duktata and Icemeri's child does not carry the hammer tail gene. Raa-ann tries to growl at the bearyena and Icemeri tries to distract it (she cannot fight it, but she can try to draw its attention away from the others). Tigar jumps in to do the same, and takes a hit from it.

With one day left the tribe scramble to reach the port, and Anaaname reappears near the nichelings who have chosen to stay. She has arrived to lead them to one of the other ports, so they will not be trapped in the ice. Back at the snow port, although Oakglen cannot come along, he turns out to be unrelated to Rarara, so they mate before the tribe move on.


Third Island

Episodes: 10-13

This is a hard barren snow island. There does not appear to be an ice port, so the tribe may have to island-hop. When the tribe arrive, they immediately find an iceberg by the arrival port, and two more elsewhere. It is very cold, but Mafic's presence helps everyone stay warm. There is a problem as most of the tribe, apart from Raa-ann's family and Mafic, are closely related and the breeding penalties may kick in.

As the only nicheling who can safely travel in the cold without freezing, Mafic decides he will break the icebergs. He tells the others to move on to the nearest port and have their babies there whilst he frees the ancestors. He takes Douar to the first iceberg as it is nearby. Inside they find Acop, another hammer tail nicheling. This is helpful as it means the siblings do not have to breed to fix in the hammer tail gene.

Mafic heads to the second iceberg whilst the tribe move toward the port. They need to be careful to move in a pack so they do not freeze. Some of the females stop near the port to have their babies.

Mafic quickly reaches the second iceberg and melts it with his lava powers. It contains a megaloceros horned nicheling named Suferi, who becomes his mate. Together they head to the last iceberg.

A walrus deer appears near the rest of the tribe and they decide to try hunting it despite the danger, as they are running low on food, but it turns out to be too difficult so they end up having to eat leeches instead. Fortunately some razorahna appear and Rarara turns out to be a good enough fisher to catch them. Raa-Ann has one last child with Acop, in an effort to pass her fangs on to someone who is not related to the others. The baby is a boy called Nuu-Nuu, who carries both their prehistoric genes as recessives. Some arctic ramfoxes show up and threaten him, but the tribe kill them for food.

Mafic reaches the third iceberg with Suferi following. She is cold and has limited movement. Inside the iceberg is Rotanu, another hammer tailed male. The walrus deer reappears and they manage to corner it by the water. By the far shore, Rarara has her child with Oakglen, Oaksha. A second walrus deer appears by the nests. Mafic's group continue to hunt the first one, but it is difficult as it keeps moving around. They manage to corner it as the first snow starts to fall and finally kill it, bringing in plenty of much needed food. The tribe decide that now it is time to move on before they run out of food again or get trapped in the snow.

The digging paw gene is unlocked, giving the tribe a new potential food source. They all reunite at the swamp port in readiness for moving on. Acop and Mafic choose to stay behind as they are both older and their spots would be better suited for a nicheling with more life left, and they can leave behind children with some of the departing females. It is said that his eventual death once the tribe leave will cause a volcano to erupt on the island and turn it into a rich and fertile land again.

Fourth Island

Episodes: 13-14

This is a swamp island, and the tribe are happy to find there is abundant food by the entry port in the form of clams. There is, however, no snow port. They decide to take a nearby jungle port as it is the closest one to where they have landed. They will be allowed to have children to stave off extinction if needed, but they must stay on the move to stay in the spirit of the rules. To stick to the rules, every nicheling who can move must do so once per turn toward the port, and females may not give birth unless they have three days or less to live. Food may be collected as long as the nicheling doing so moves at least once in the turn as well.

The tribe are all very afraid of this strange land, but move toward the jungle port. They are cautious of the coconut trees, which are hard to avoid whilst traveling across the shore. There is a problem as some of the older nichelings may die before they make it to the next island, but they cannot breed right now, so they must hurry. As they approach the port a beaked nicheling named Tarokir appears. The tribe are curious, but do initially not invite him in because there is no room on the port. However Oakshir takes too long to reach the port and costs the tribe a day, so Douar, the oldest male, decides to invite Tarokir in as a guide and let him have his place on the port as he does not have long to live.

Fifth island

Episodes: 14-16

This is a large jungle island, with no snow ports. The tribe are torn between heading for the northern port (a hard jungle) that has a better chance of giving a snow port next time but will be dangerous to move to, or the closer swamp port which is a safer journey but has less chance of getting them back to the snow. The jungle is being consumed by ice, so they will need to stay on on the move. Prehistoric nichelings are now marked with blue gems to safeguard the genes.

Rarara and Ra-kora are getting old so build nests as they move toward the next port. Tarokir, who is known as the "Bird Guide" helps them along the shore and manages to dig up food with his beak. Rarara (with Acop) has a girl with heat body called Rasira, whose name is said to mean "rising sun". Ra-Kora's child (with Mafic) is a boy called Ma-Kar. Rarara and Ra-Kora are allowed to stay with them as they will not make it to the port. They send them off with Tarokir when they are old enough to move out of the nest, and they then pass away in the water, telling stories of the Jannu Tribe and the times when the world was not covered in ice.

Suferi build her nest closer to the port. Suferi's child (also with Mafic) is a heat bodied, red furred girl with the bird beak, who is named Phoenix in memory of the volcano god. Approaching the port, Icesii finds a permanent nest and stays there as she is old too. Taa-kir is getting old too, but there is nobody for him to mate with, so his genes are lost. The tribe speculate that they will need to breed fire and volcano themed nichelings to survive.

The next day Icesii has her child as she, too, is old. She has a sick female named Mere, who does not carry her mother's recessive fangs, although she does carry hammer tail and heat body. Icesii purrs to help heal her, aware that she will have even less time to find the snow. Whilst heading to the port the tribe find they can lick away the smelly fruit juice and help to unlock the purr snout, which so far has only been passed down from Juniper. Taa-kir is getting old too and has no children, so Oaksha mates with him to preserve his genes, although it is considered more a formality between the two. Rotanu and Ra-sira do the same.

The younger nichelings hurry to the port, spurred on by a bearyena that appears nearby. Much diminished by their losses, the tribe move on.

Sixth Island

Episodes: 16-17

This is another swamp island, but there is a large snowy port very close to where the tribe have arrived. They rush straight to the port, smelling the snow nearby. However the close quarters mean that Mere gets Sii-Sii-Sii sick, and she does not have long to live. The sickness continues to spread through the tribe. Sii-Sii-Sii is forced to stop and have her baby as she will not make it to the new island. Tarokir is also old, so Phoenix mates with him to preserve his genes and memory. Sii-Sii-Sii dies after having her baby, a girl called Hopenu. She has the purr snout so can help heal others, but is also sick. With Tarokir gone, Phoenix becomes the new tribe leader. She is concerned about the spreading of sickness within the tribe, and feels something must be done about it.

Phoenix suggests that Nuu-Nuu should become Mere's mate as he is, like many of the tribe before, growing old and needs to pass on his genes. She believes that the tribe do not have time for romance, and should breed according to who would have the strongest babies in order to survive. She also feels that if Mere should have a healthy child, she may redeem herself after getting the tribe sick.

The tribe make it to the port, with plenty of space left, showing them how much their numbers have declined. They leave for the next island, leaving Nuu-Nuu behind as he used his last action to mate with Mere.

Part Two: Rise of the Phoenix


Seventh Island

Episodes: 17-

The tribe expected to finally rediscover the snow, but it turns out they had found a whale island port instead. They are all very confused to have found themselves on the whale's (later named Titanic) back, and they know they will have to keep on traveling.

Oaksha, who is one of the last tribe members to have seen the snow, stops to have her baby as she has only two days left to live. She has a boy named Kirku who carries recessive saber fangs, heat body, and hammer tail, although he does not display any of these traits. The heat bodied nichelings are slowing down from overheating. Mere manages to have a healthy child, and it is decided she can have another as long as the tribe keep on moving. She mates with Ma-Kar, who has been trying to call to attract wanderers, but has not been able to attract anyone who would be a good match for the tribe. She dies after having her second baby, a heat body male named Vankirku, but has managed to redeem herself and prove that compassion still has a place within the tribe.

It is decided that because Titanic is moving and can keep away from the ice, the tribe will be allowed to stay for twenty days rather than the ten that would normally be the limit on a non-ice island, and can freely breed. However they still need to continue to move to the ice eventually. It is believed that fate led the tribe to the whale island, so that Mere could prove herself against Phoenix's rulings.

At this point the game updates, but the tribe are nowhere near their goal of unlocking all the prehistoric genes to ensure their survival, having spent so long away from the snow. Titanic has given the tribe a chance to keep away from the ice, and so Phoenix decides that for now, the tribe will stay here and the challenge is renamed "Rise of the Phoenix". Phoenix believes that the ice genes were too weak to carry on, and that whilst they will need to find them all eventually, they must refocus their efforts. Her new goal is to reshape the tribe into guardians - heat bodied, winged, beaked phoenix nichelings who can welcome frozen nichelings back into the world. She feels that having found themselves on Titanic's back is the perfect opportunity. She declares her intentions by using her fiery powers (perhaps inherited from Mafic) to burn down the previously untouchable grass, shocking the tribe.

Hopenu, who is Phoenix's half sister, is still wary of her as she is sick and Phoenix still does not approve of that, so she keeps out of her way. Despite the waning genes (Phoenix's belief that it is okay to let the prehistoric genes die out for now), Ra-Sira gives birth to a boy with hammer tail, Routa. The tribe are running low on food, so make gathering their first priority. Phoenix grows interested in a wanderer called Rere who has been seen around the tribe for some time, as she has peacock tail and recessive bird beak.

Phoenix's first child, whose father was Tarokir from the last island, is a boy named Flame. Hopenu has a girl with saber fangs called Hon-ne, who is unfortunately blind due to the breeding siblings penalty from her parents. She is her last child, as the sickness has shortened her lifespan. With food supplies still low, Phoenix starts to divide the tribe into phoenixes and their "servants" - nichelings who are good at gathering and can bring in plenty of food. This is a necessity as the climate here is too warm for heat body, so the nichelings with that gene can only make two moves per turn.

Kirra finds Meisko.

Ra-Sira, who is growing old and is one of the few nichelings to remember the Lands of Ice, feels conflicted, as she has always held the belief that it is important to rescue others trapped in ice and learn from them. However she concedes that Phoenix is right, and they must be prepared so they can better carry out their duties. Meanwhile Flame and Hon-ne head out together and turn out to get on very well, as Hon-ne can smell food and Flame can see where to go. Ra-Sira has her last child, a girl named Kirra (that she shares a name with the nicheling who kept eating from the Fruitlies' sacred trees is not mentioned). She has hammer tail, but unfortunately is sick because the I immunity is getting too common. However she is spared from having to eat the toxic berries as she is a good mate for Mak-ri.

Phoenix has a saber fanged child called Rose, who is also sick, but would also make a good make for Mak-ri. Phoenix herself is getting old, so Hon-ne and Flame prepare to take over the tribe. Phoenix assigns the remaining tribe members mates to best preserve the genes, and passes away, leaving the tribe to her son. Flame does not question his mother's intentions and plans to carry on her work. Rose is less respectful and takes her place on her mother's treestump, hoping to leave an even greater legacy. She has not forgotten that Phoenix intended to feed her toxic berries and only saved her on a technicality.

Squash Blossom.

A bearyena appears, and Hon-ne rushes to fight it as she has saber fangs and hence the instincts required. Flame rushes over too, but he can only watch as Hon-ne fights. Meanwhile Kirra calls from a tree stump and attracts the first winged nicheling the tribe have seen, Meisko. She has a bat wing rather than a bird wing but the tribe are still excited to see her. She is potentially a survivor of the Fruitling Bats or Fruitlies (depending on the timeline) who was also swept away by the tsunami and found herself on an ice floe until she encountered Titanic and the tribe on his back. Her arrival unlocks the bat wing for the tribe, so in the absence of bird wings the tribe try to mutate it in.

A wandering scorpion tail baby appears called String Bean (which her tail resembles). The tribe send Meisko to fetch her, and whilst doing so she finds another wanderer called Tempeh. Hon-ne kills the bearyena and has her baby, Ember. She has her father's beak, but no heat body. The tribe keep on trying to fix the heat body gene into their children. It has not been unlocked to mutate, so they must be careful not to lose it. Rose and Mak-ri nearly manage to have a phoenix with the birth of Raaro, who has one wing and the heat body. Meisko also turns out to be a good mate for Mak-ri, so she is summoned to him.

A rogue male appears, but there is nobody for him to mate with until Namiel, a former wanderer brought in to help gather, comes too close. The rest of the tribe didn't intent for her to breed and don't think much of her choice. Kirra dies just before giving birth to Zushudon, the first double winged nicheling, who may be the father of the true phoenixes. Because he can fly, he can also help to unlock the bird beak for mutation. Rose offers to kill the rogue, so Mak-ri mates with her to keep her safe before she sets off to find him. On the the other side of the island, String Bean tries some toxic berries and finds she can safely eat them because of her scorpion tail giving her immunity to the poison.

Flame decides to watch over Zushudon thanks to his wings, and also teaches Raaro to burn down the gress. Hon-ne and Flame have a sick child named Flicker, who has no redeeming features and so may have to eat the toxic berries. It is not considered cruel, as it shortens their pain, but Hon-ne has difficulty accepting it as she was born blind and was close to being sent to gather them. However she accepts and Flicker is sent to eat the berries. Ember sneaks off and meets Kikar, who is about to die. He thinks Ember is beautiful and wants to mate with her even if it would not be the best for the tribe. She is initially hesitant, but decides to accept.

Rose continues to chase down the rogue, but dies of her illness before she can kill him. As she does she gives birth to Squash Blossom, who with his double wings and heat body is the first phoenix.

Flame kills the wandering rogue, protecting his mate and the rest of his tribe, while Zushudon shows off his ability to fly and Squash Blossom follows soon after. Tempeh accidentally eats some of the toxic berries while the sick babies (Flicker and Namiel's rogue child) are sent to gather them. String Bean, who can safely do so, becomes their guardian, watching over them as they slip away out of the world. Flicker's fate leaves Hon-ne saddened, and she decides not to have any more children. She ends up adopting a wandering baby, Fume.

Squash Blossom and Yuca explore the grasslands by the whale's tail and strike up a romance, while another of Phoenix's grandsons, Iree, watches, jealous. Hon-ne and Flame eventually pass away of old age, leaving leadership of the tribe to Ember.

Prehistoric Genes Found

Kukuku: Hammer Tail

  • Episode: 1
  • Day: 2
  • Island: 1

Tataro: Hammer Tail #2

  • Episode: 3
  • Day: 9
  • Island: 1

Raa-ann: Saber Fangs

  • Episode: 7
  • Day: 25
  • Island: 2

Acop: Hammer Tail #3

  • Episode: 11
  • Day: 40
  • Island: 3

Suferi: Mega Horns

  • Episode: 11
  • Day: 44
  • Island: 3

Rotanu: Hammer Tail #4

  • Episode: 12
  • Day: 47
  • Island: 3

Family Tree

Family tree for Lands of Ice/Rise of the Phoenix. Click for fullsize (warning: very large image).


  • Not counting the failed first attempt at the Cookie Tree Tribe, this is the first Niche series where the starter pair are not mates.
  • Mafic's name is derived from mafic, a form of igneous rock rich in iron and magnesium.
  • It is speculated that Mafic may lead his own challenge in the future.

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