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Current name Lizardpaw
Past names Lizardkit
Gender Male
Traits TBC
Status Alive
Frame and fur TBC
Eye colour TBC
Special markings Green face mask, can grow leaves/roots
Current age Adult
Class clan cat
Clan Mossclan
Rank Apprentice
Current mate None
Relatives Mossleaf (mother)
Lionstar (father)
Oakglade (brother)
Redpaw (brother)
Robinpaw (sister)
Acornkit (brother)
Owlkit (sister)
Hunting skills
Fishing at sea TBC
Fishing in a lake TBC
In the fields TBC
In the forest TBC
In the city TBC
In the meadow TBC
Abilities Can communicate with plants.

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A thin, young tom-cat with golden tabby fur, striking green mask, and skinny tail. He is the son of Lionstar and Mossleaf, of their first litter. Oakglade is his littermate. He is mentored by his mother, to become a Spirit Cat. He has a special gift: he can hear plants "talking". When the forest was damaged, he fell in a long sleep and grew roots. He woke up when the forest had recovered.


Clan life

Life changing moments (SPOILERS)

This section is filled with spoilers, open at own risk.


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