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Current name Mossleaf
Past names unknown
Gender female
Traits Hunter, Friendly, Independent
Status alive
Frame and fur dark brown fur
Eye colour greenish brown
Special markings green colouration around face
Current age adult
Class Clan cat
Clan Mossclan
Rank Spirit cat
Current mate Lionstar
Relatives Oakglade (son)
Lizardpaw (son)
Redpaw (son)
Robinpaw (daughter)
Acornkit (son)
Owlkit (daughter)
Hunting skills
Fishing at sea TBC
Fishing in a lake TBC
In the fields TBC
In the forest TBC
In the city TBC
In the meadow TBC
Abilities Spirit communication

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Mossleaf is both the founder and spirit cat of Mossclan. She is the first character we get to know in the Sims 3 Warrior Cats Challenge as the game started with just her and Willow, and debuts in the first episode, A Forest-Touched Wild Cat.


Clan life

Mossleaf's position of spirit cat still feels quite unusual even to her. Her ability to communicate with Willow the Forest Spirit is present by all means, but she doesn't view it as a purely good thing. That is mainly because of the remaining magic, that got passed down to her kits - especially Lizardpaw, who has been affected by it the most. Even though she doesn't do it on purpose, Mossleaf tends to neglect her spirit cat tasks and gives her whole heart to her kits.


Mossleaf grew up in a clan named Fernclan, where she was training to become a medicine cat. One day however, she got lost in a winter storm and almost died. Luckily, she was found by Willow, a kind Forest Spirit. Normally Willow would have allowed nature to take its course as she prefers not to intervene with the forest, but she took pity on Mossleaf and used magic to save her. Willow's actions saved Mossleaf's life, but the magic also left its touch upon her in the form of green marks in her fur. Because of her strange new appearance, Mossleaf's clanmates rejected her and she was banished, so she set out to found her own clan.

Life changing moments

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  • Mossleaf has an alternate universe counterpart in Mossie, who appears in Cattails as a protagonist and later an in-game NPC.
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