Nemesia Island

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Nemesia Island
Game Niche
Episodes 1
Playlist Niche (see article for episode)

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Nemesia Island was an early Niche playthrough and the first one following the demo game. It was played on version 0.0.6.


There is only one episode, A Spit-Snout Only A Mother Could Love, as the save file was lost afterwards.


The game begins on a large island with many savannah, grass, and swamp tiles. There is no island travel in this update so the island is very big, unlike the tiny starter islands of later versions. Seri goes through the game rules and discusses genetics and the importance of diverse genes.

The first baby born is Roku, a male. Adam goes exploring and finds a cactus, while Eve finds an old spotted wanderer named Kuro. He is very strong from having double claw, but not good at collecting food. Seri thinks he may be a wise elder who has arrived to help out the new tribe. Adam tries to collect from the cactus and finds that he takes damage from it. Unfortunately the tribe are low on food and there is nowhere else to get it from, so he has to keep going.

The tribe hear a rustling in the grass and worry it might be a predator. Kuro goes to investigate as he is strong, and finds a carnivore, but with no food left he dies from starvation damage trying to take it out. Meanwhile Adam does from damage sustained from the cactus. Another wanderer, Kirvannu, appears. Eve manages to hunt down some rabbils, but like her mate she has to gather from a cactus to bring in more.

The episode ends with the food situation slightly more hopeful with rain, Kirvannu heading to the grasslands, and a few more rabbils appearing.


  • The nichelings depicted in the main title card are from this playthrough. They are Koisana, Eve and Kuro's daughter, and her child with Kirvannu, Meana.
  • Seri mentions in later episodes that some more recordings were made with this tribe (and their luck remained bad) but they were lost.
  • This is one of the few tribes to not be given a name, although the island was.

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