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Niche (all series)
Game Niche
Episodes 613
Playlist Niche

Niche is a game based around genetics and survival in which the player controls, breeds, and guides a tribe of animals called Nichelings. It is a popular series on Seri's channel, spawning hundreds of episodes and many characters, fanworks, theories and pieces of lore.


If no playlist is specified, see the full playlist of all episodes above.

Note: The demo playthrough is not included in the main playlist.

Series name Link to playlist Episodes Notes
Niche Demo 2 First look at Niche demo, only 2 episodes.
Nemesia Island 1 Savefile was lost after one episode.
Hoshina Tribe 18
Alki Island 8
Jaleap Tribe Jaleap Tribe 21 Island travel update. Also known as the Cookie Tree Tribe.
Niche Experimental 10 Experimental v 0.1.7 (four-gem) branch, also known as the Lasune Tribe.
Niche Supermutation 10 Experimental water genes update
Jannu Tribe Jannu Tribe 43 Stable water genes update. Also known as the Doeli Tribe.
Nestree Tribe Nestree Tribe 10 Nest building update
Pumera Tribe Jungle Update 36 First appearance of Tata
Easter Egg Islands Snail Mail & Stream! • Niche: Easter Egg Islands Livestream! 1 One-off livestream episode.
Yukir Tribe Snowy Mountain Update 76 First appearance of Yuki/Lala
Amazon Challenge Amazon Challenge 13 All female tribe. Based off of the Greek myth of the Amazons.
Epigenetics Update 3 Played on the experimental Epigenetics branch that did not make it into the final game.
Bearyena Bears Bearyena Bears 14 Hybrid update
101 Dalmatians 101 Dalmatians Challenge 14
0.5.5 Pre-Release 0.5.5 Beaver Tails! Sleeping Babies! Deadly Fires! Oh My!! • Niche 0.5.5 Pre-Release Preview!! 1 One off review episode
Adam's Legacy 5 Story-mode game
Legend Hunters Legend Hunters livestream archive 7 Livestream series, including the "Condiment Wars"
Seeker's Journey Seekers Journey 22 Also known as the "Stinky Cheese Tribe"
Whims of Fate Whims of Fate 81 Random number generation determines genes, tribe size, etc. Episode count includes the Whims Reborn reboot series.
Sirens of the Sea Sirens of the Sea 7 Put on hold to await the flying genes.
Niche: Extreme Challenges!! Extreme Challenge! 45 Follows several attempts before settling on the Kalpack Pack.
Searching the Farseas Searching the Farseas 15 Whale Island update
Wings of Wonder Wings of Wonder 33 Flying genes update.
Cookie Tree Tribe Cookie Tree Tribe 23 A tribute to Meis/Chocolate Chip of the Jaleap Tribe
Lands of Ice Niche: Lands of Ice 29 Challenge gameplay referencing the Yukir Tribe
Sweet Hearts Tribe Niche Sweet Hearts Tribe Livestreams 3 Livestream series with a candy/Valentine's Day theme.
Fruitling Bats Niche: Fruitling Bats 6 Livestream series for the 1.1.6 sandbox update.
Fruitlies Niche: Fruitlies of Fate 18 A "parallel universe" version of the Fruitling Bats.
Seekers of the Sea Niche: Seekers of the Sea 9 Sequel to the Jannu Tribe, following the descendants of the Seers of the Sea.
Zedari Tribe Niche: STAMPEDE!! 10
Wild Goose Chase Niche: Wild Goose Chase! 12 Inspired by Untitled Goose Game.

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