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Do you want to help Seri build up her wiki? you have come to the right page. On this page, you will get to know and nice to know information about being a lil' helper.

To get started

1. Create a profile

That way it is easier for all of us lil' helpers to see what you worked on.

To make an account, click 'Create account' in the top right of the screen:


2. Create your name page

(click on your name in the top right corner - it will replace the 'Not logged in' message in the above image if you have trouble finding it)

  • Write a little about yourself, but keep any personal information to yourself.
  • Write what you have helped with. E.g this user

That is it, for now, go out in the wiki and do some good.

Where do I begin?

Anywhere you want! This wiki is for everyone to edit. Don't worry about making mistakes, they can easily be fixed. You can do something as small as fixing a typo or as big as making a whole new page. It's all up to you.

If you are looking for a jump-off point, some articles have been identified as "Needs More Love". They're like stubs on Wikipedia, bare-bones pages waiting to be filled in. You can identify them with this box:

Puddle-emoji.png This page needs more love!
This page is bare and needs some attention! You can help out by filling it in.

Helpful Tips


Some handy formatting references (these are good for beginners):

References from the Mediawiki help files (more advanced):

Talk pages

Every page on this wiki has an associated talk page. You can use this page to chat with other editors, ask questions, make notes etc. This is especially handy if you aren't on Seri's Discord and need a way to talk with everyone else!

To go to the talk page, click the Discussion link at the top left of the article. (Note if the link is red that means the talk page doesn't yet exist, but you can create it by clicking on it!)


You can edit it just like any other page on the wiki.

Tip: - you can sign your name on the talk pages so everyone knows who you are. Just type out three tildes (~) in a row, like this - Kalium (talk)


Is a thing if you want to write a spoiler-filled section on a page please warn about it. You can use the spoiler warning template as below:

Ragegoose.png Spoiler alert!
This page may contain spoilers: proceed with caution!

Or you can use this code to hide it.

just go into the edit page for this page to copy it.


Spam has shown up more and more recently. It can be quite a problem, so we ask of you to help us keep it to a minimum.

  • If you see a page that is created purely for spam purposes please blank the page.

if this is the problem write down the user profile name and contact an admin. (current admin Kalium)Then they will go and use their amazing admin powers and make things right again!

  • If you find that one of our pages has been tampered with please revert it back to normal.