Sims 3 Warrior Cats Challenge

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The Sims 3 Warrior Cats Challenge is based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. In this challenge, the cats in Sims 3 have to live out their lives in the wild, hunting and fighting to survive. Random generators and Seri's creative mind shape the lives of these cats as they try to live by following the warrior code.

The world used to play this challenge is a copy of the 101 Dalmatians challenge world.


There are currently two seasons of the challenge:

There are also several side-playlists:

The Clans

A clan is a established group of cats living together, where you at the minimum have a leader, a deputy, a healer ("medicine cat") and a warrior. The clan traditionally gets its name from the first part of its leaders name e.g when Branchpelt became Branchstar and started his own clan, the new established clan got the name Branchclan. However this is not always the case - for example Mossclan is named after Mossleaf who was the clan's founder but not its leader.

In order of appearance the clans are:

Clan name Leader
Mossclan Lionstar
Branchclan Branchstar
Meadowclan Petalstar

Spirits of the Land

The spirits of the land are a unique feature of the challenge and not related to the Warriors book series. They are sims that live upon the clan lot to circumnavigate the game's coding that does not allow pets to live alone. In-game they are therefore the cat's "owners" but in-story they are spirits who look over the clan's land but rarely intervene in the cats' affairs as they are wild animals. In game the spirits are fairies and/or plantsims, as these life states are long lived and have minimal needs, allowing them to stay in the background unless needed. Although the spirits rarely involve themselves in the clan's day to day lives, each clan has its own "spirit cat", who has a connection to the spirit and may communicate with them in times of need.