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Current name {{{currname}}}
Past names {{{pastname}}}
Gender {{{gender}}}
Traits {{{traits}}}
Status {{{status}}}
Frame and fur {{{frameandfur}}}
Eye colour {{{eyecol}}}
Special markings {{{specialmarks}}}
Current age {{{age}}}
Class {{{class}}}
Clan [[{{{clan}}}]]
Rank {{{rank}}}
Current mate {{{mate}}}
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Hunting skills
Fishing at sea {{{seafishing}}}
Fishing in a lake {{{lakefishing}}}
In the fields {{{fieldhunting}}}
In the forest {{{foresthunting}}}
In the city {{{cityhunting}}}
In the meadow {{{meadowhunting}}}
Abilities {{{abilities}}}

How to use me

This template is for series pages. It is a slightly more complex template as it includes variables, which means slots that you can put information in about your cat.

To get started, copy and paste this into the top of your page:

{{Warrior Cats character infobox

That looks long, but it's not as complicated as you think! Each of those lines that starts with |picture=, |currname= is something called a variable, which is like a slot that you can put in the information you need. So 'picture' is the cat's picture, and so on! Here's a reference as to what everything means:

  • picture: the cat's picture.
  • currname: the cat's name.
  • pastname: Any past names the cat once had.
  • gender: the cat's gender.
  • traits: Their in-game traits (lazy, genius etc)
  • status: alive, dead, unknown, etc.
  • frameandfur: the cat's build and overall colour, e.g. slender and black, big fluffy brown, etc.
  • eyecol: the cat's eye colour.
  • specialmarks Any special/unusual markings.
  • age: kitten, adult, or elder?
  • class: are they a clan cat, kittypet, etc.
  • clan: What clan they are from (or none, if not in a clan).
  • rank: What rank they hold in the clan.
  • mate: Their current mate, if they have one.
  • relatives: Any other relatives such as children, siblings, etc.
  • seafishing: The cat's skill in fishing at sea.
  • lakefishing: The cat's skill in fishing in lakes.
  • fieldhunting: The cat's skill in hunting in the fields.
  • forestunting: The cat's skill in hunting in the forest.
  • cityhunting: The cat's skill in hunting in the city.
  • meadowhunting: The cat's skill in hunting in the meadow.
  • abilities: Any special abilities the cat has.

If you don't know something, that's okay. You can see in the example I've put "Unknown" and "TBC" (short for "to be confirmed") in some of the slots; you could also put something like "none" or "NA" ("not applicable" meaning it's not relevant to that cat). Remember that it's okay to make mistakes, and if you don't know something, someone else can help you out.

And here's an example profile for Mossleaf:

{{Warrior Cats character infobox
|frameandfur=Dark brown fur
|specialmarks=Green colouration around face
|class=Clan cat
|rank=Spirit cat
|relatives=[[Oakglade]] (son)<br />[[Lizardpaw]] (son)<br />[[Redpaw]] (son)<br />[[Robinpaw]] (daughter)<br />[[Acornkit]] (son)<br />[[Owlkit]] (daughter)
|abilities=Spirit communication

And here's Mossleaf's profile all filled in:

Current name Mossleaf
Past names Unknown
Gender Female
Traits TBC
Status Alive
Frame and fur Dark brown fur
Eye colour TBC
Special markings Green colouration around face
Current age adult
Class Clan cat
Clan Mossclan
Rank Spirit cat
Current mate Lionstar
Relatives Oakglade (son)
Lizardpaw (son)
Redpaw (son)
Robinpaw (daughter)
Acornkit (son)
Owlkit (daughter)
Hunting skills
Fishing at sea TBC
Fishing in a lake TBC
In the fields TBC
In the forest TBC
In the city TBC
In the meadow TBC
Abilities Spirit communication