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Game WildCraft
Episodes 83
Playlist WildCraft

WildCraft is a mobile game that Seri originally played as part of APPventures. It was popular enough to be spun out into a full series, but Seri had trouble reconciling the setting with some of the game's more unrealistic aspects, such as items and clothing. She later retooled the series into a tie-in with the Luna Moon Pack from WolfQuest, explaining away the fantastical elements as the game being set in a spirit realm where former Luna Moon wolves could be reborn.


Series Playlist Notes
Unnamed initial playthroughs See main playlist Jupiter, the main character of the first episode, is said to be a relative of Luna's, but the spirit world mechanic is not present here.
The Pack Reborn Wildcraft: The Pack Reborn Luna Moon Pack spirit realm tie-in series.

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