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STAMPEDE! (Zedari Tribe)
Game Niche
Episodes 10
Playlist Niche: STAMPEDE!!

The Zedari (or STAMPEDE!!) Tribe are a Niche series themed around large savannah herd grazers, mainly zebras.

Note: the episode count for this series includes the unnumbered introduction video.


(See External Links or the prologue episode, A Wild STAMPEDE!! for the full ruleset)

  • The tribe believe they need a horned protector member to protect them from predators. They will stampede if there are no horned tribe members to fight carnivores such as bearyenas. When this happens, a random set of the tribe will move to a new island.
    • Nichelings with horns must fight predators if they appear. If all horned nichelings are killed, the tribe will stampede.
  • The tribe follow "rainy" and "dry" seasons, alternating between savannah and jungle islands. They can only breed on these islands. The amount of time spent on each island is not hard set.
    • If they find an ice island port, there is the possibility of the tribe entering an "ice age" where they must go to that island.
      • Mutations depend on the island type. On a dry island, mutations must relate to offence or defence as this is a time to survive. On rainy islands where there is more food, mutations relating to appearance and collecting may be set. If there is an ice age, any mutation may be used.
  • The Zedari are herbivores. They can only "eat" meat if gathered from a killed predator, to symbolise gaining strength. They may eat insects if they encounter them.
  • Horns and stripes are considered attractive when considering prospective mates. The bigger the horns, the better. The leader of the tribe is a horned nicheling with high strength.
  • Goals of this tribe are:
    • to find the Great Horned One, a frozen nicheling with megaloceros horns.
    • to find one of the Yukir Tribe's guardian phoenixes, from Lands of Ice. A phoenix may appear if there is a fire on the savannah.
    • Have Yuki or Lala be born into the tribe, which will allow a free visit to the ice islands.
    • Survive for 100 days, or defeat six predators on one island.


First island: dry season

Episodes: 1-3

The Zedari starters.

The story opens with the survivors of a stampede finding themselves on a savannah island. There are five randomly generated nichelings, who are all male (this was unintentional). The survivors are:

  • Zee: adult scorpion tailed digger, gold with white spots.
  • Jaara: adult dusky tan derp snout with savannah horns, left as the leader of the tribe as he is the only horned nicheling, also has faint stripes.
  • Zap: adult red and tan gatherer.
  • Zuki: adolescent tan nicheling with spiky body, cracker jaw, and faint stripes.
  • Loz (later renamed Zest): child yellow nicheling with derp snout and white stripes.

The tribe get to a good start by finding plenty of food, and explore inland in the hopes of finding females. However a few days in, a fire breaks out nearby. On running from the fire, Jaara finds a baby bearyena, with a nearby mother. The Zedari tribe are not interested in breeding with bearyena, so as the tribe's leader and protector, he attacks it. Zee runs into a female nicheling, Heather, who he invites into the tribe, but she is sick and only has time to breed with Zee once. She dies before she can give birth.

The fire burns out, but the tribe are left with still no females and dwindling food supplies, and the mother bearyena is still following them. Jaara must fight her to prevent a stampede, but she attacks Zuki, who can attack in retaliation before fleeing. A rogue with horns and stripes appears, and the tribe don't know what to do with him as his features would make him high status if he was part of them. They decide to leave him alone as there are no females. Jaara takes down the mother bearyena and heads off to rejoin his panicked tribemates.

Zap finally runs into another female, named Night-Mare. She decides to take Jaara as her mate as he is the most attractive of the tribe. Jaara decides he needs to hunt down the rogue as being a horned nicheling he has no problems with attacking him. However he and Zuki die soon after, Jaara from old age and Zuki from damage from the bearyena. Many of the other males are getting old too, and there is no horned protector any more. Zest, being the most dramatically striped nicheling, becomes the new leader, but having no horns he cannot fight predators. The tribe are nervous without a protector, and Zee and Zap excort Night-Mare to a nest in the hopes she will have a horned child.

The tribe are fortunate when this turns out to be the case, the child being a ram horned female named Isveliza. Night-Mare decides to take Zee as her next mate because of his striking markings, even though he does not have stripes. Food stores are dangerously low, so Zee and Zap investigate a nearby termite mound, but cannot catch many. Zest gathers from the cacti scattered around as there is no other way to find food. Zap, who is getting old, sacrifices himself to finish gathering cactus berries, leaving only Zest and Zee from the original founders.

The big ear gene is unlocked.

With no food left, Isveliza leads the tribe to a new island.

Second island: rainy season

Episodes: 3-


The new island is mostly grass but has some jungle tiles, meaning that it qualifies as a rainy season island. Zest finds that he can crack open clams, and Night-Mare decides she would like to have him as a mate too as he has shown a great ability to find food. She finds a nest and gives birth to Zee's child, who has the big ear and peacock traits, but no horns. His name is Nananananananushou ("a ceremonial name for his ceremonial tail!") The rain falls and the tribe try to gather as much food as they can.

A bearyena appears in the grass shortly after, as does a horned wandering nicheling. Night-Mare and Isveliza track the nicheling down and find that she is a female named Zuisis. She joins the tribe and immediately runs after the bearyena. Isveliza follows her as the bearyena runs back into the grass, but the bearyena kills Zuisis and Isveliza is forced to fight it alone. She kills it, but not without taking damage. To make things worse the tribe are having trouble finding food again, and have had to resort to eating leeches.

Night-Mare gives birth to her child with Zee, another scorpion tailed digger named Elsha. Zee passes away of old age the next day, leaving Zest as the last of the original survivors. He is growing old too, so Isveliza takes him as her mate while he is still around. The island is full of rabbils, and Isveliza begins to wonder if the tribe should kill them to safeguard their food supplies.

Nananananananushou is startled by a peaceful bear and drops some nesting material, which the bear accepts. While running from the bear Nananananananushou finds a wandering female, Nasi. She shows the tribe a way to the nut trees and how to crack open the nuts for food. Night-Mare finds a healing fruit and Isveliza heads to it, while another bearyena appears nearby. Although the tribe are able to find food near the tree, it also attracts insect swarms and a rogue male. Isveliza catches the sleepy sickness but manages to give birth to a striped female named Zuzali, who has Zest's bright colours, but no horns. She still needs to hunt down the bearyena to help the tribe feel safe and prevent a stampede, but it has vanished into the grass.

Isveliza finds Prickle.

Zest passes away, meaning that the founders are now all gone.

Isveliza tries to chase down the bearyena, but a second one appears nearby. Elsha jumps into the fight even though she has no horns, to protect her sister, as she has a scorpion tail. A third bearyena appears by the tree, but the tribe don't want to leave it as it is their only reliable source of food. It is followed by a fourth, along with a baby. Isveliza runs back to the healing plant, but there is no fruit, so she heads for a second healing fruit by the tree. As she does, a wandering male named Larnona appears, and the tribe invite him in to stop him eating the fruit. Meanwhile the rogues mate with Night-Mare and Elsha.

Nasi gives birth to a sick boy named Zephyr as Isveliza fights the bearyenas by the tree. Nananananananushou tries to lead Zephyr away and finds some berries, but they turn out to be toxic. The tribe think this will be their last stand, but they manage to fight off the bearyenas. Emboldened by their victory, Isveliza wants to try taking down six bearyenas to meet one of the tribe's goals. This will allow them to stay on the island for longer. She starts to patrol the island in search of bearyenas, and even decides to leave dead rabbils as bait.

Night-Mare's rogue child is a horned female, Kuta, but she is sick. She is Night-Mare's last child, as she is old and passes away soon after, as does Nananananananushou from the poison.

While searching for bearyenas, Isveliza finds a horned male, Prickle. He has only a few days left to live, but she invites him in anyway for his strength and horns. She calls Zuzali and Elsha down to meet him so they can all take him as a mate before he dies. Prickle quickly proves his worth by helping to kill another bearyena, but when they try to kill one more (which will bring them up to six total), the bearyena attacks him and he dies the following day. In retaliation Elsha and Isveliza kill the bearyena, attaining one of the tribe's goals and unlocking the ability to stay on the island for as long as they wish.

Soon after Isveliza and Elsha give birth to their children with Prickle. Isveliza has Zoku, a atrong, striped and horned male. Elsha has Chevron, a female with stripes although no horns. Zoku is set to be the next ruler of the Zedari Tribe, who must now decide how long they want to stay on this island as more bearyenas appear. The high numbers of bearyenas is known as "The Bunnil Curse" because it is thought that they are attracted by all the rabbils on the island.

One of the bearyenas kills Nasi in front of her young son Nokuna, prompting the tribe to wonder if they should stay on the island even with the bonus they have earned. Soon after though, a horned, spiky female named Kelba appears and joins in the fight. By now the tribe is almost entirely female, in contrast to their all male origins.


  • This is the first Niche series to be set in the savannah since the Legend Hunters livestreams.
  • Although not stated, the presence of ice ages and phoenixes may indicate that this series is set around the same time as Lands of Ice.

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