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The beginning of our Seri! Pixel Biologist Wiki is finally underway!

Please pardon the EXTREME DUST and boring layout but the actual wiki now EXISTS!!

Want to help build up the wiki? Go here to get started.

Help! I can't sign up/edit pages!

This wiki is currently on lockdown to all but admin accounts due to spam issues. Seri is looking into ways to let everyone participate whilst keeping spam at bay, and the wiki will reopen for all users when she finds a solution - keep watching this space. - Kalium (talk)

Getting started

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Important Pages

(temporary reference list until we get more organized)

List of games - Look up a list of games that Seri has played and series relating to them!

Series by type - Regular gameplay? Challenges? Maybe not a game at all!

Characters - The characters we've gotten to know and love from Seri's adventures.