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|playlisttitle=WildCraft: The Pack Reborn

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The Pack Reborn
Game WildCraft
Episodes 46
Playlist WildCraft: The Pack Reborn

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The Pack Reborn is a WildCraft series and a spin-off of WolfQuest's Moon Pack Legacy. It follows the adventures of deceased Luna Moon wolves who have been reborn into the "spirit realms". The spirit realm mechanism was Seri's way of explaining away WildCraft's unrealistic aspects and creating a full series from the game, and allowed wolves who had died as pups to have their own stories. As other animals are playable in WildCraft besides wolves, some of the characters are reborn as other creatures including bears and lynxes. Random generators are used to determine who will be reborn and as what creature.


The Starry Skies Pack

Not to be confused with the Starry Skies Pack from Wolfquest's material world, the Starry Skies Pack is the name given to all the wolves reborn into the WildCraft world.

Spirit Energy

Spirit Energy is the term used for the in-game coins and experience points. The animal spirits of the realm are in constant battle to obtain spirit energy for themselves, and this is why the characters must chase down prey. As this is the spirit realm none of the creatures actually die, even if the characters are seen eating prey - this is explained away as them consuming the prey's spirit energy, whilst the actual creature reappears elsewhere, diminished but unharmed.


In-game, gaining enough coins allows the player to open chests and obtain new features such as clothing, pets, skins, or the ability to have more babies. In-story, it is said that when the chests are opened, the characters are dreaming of the chest's contents. These are considered to be mystical dreams, sent by the ancestors, that may shape the course of the story.

The Reborn

Lynx, Serena, Fawn, and Equilinix

First appearance: Rebirth of a Wolf Named Lynx

Lynx was one of Dawn and Onyx's pups who was taken by an eagle, and was given a chance at his own story in the spirit realms. He remained a wolf (which became confusing when his brother Frost was reborn as an actual lynx). In his previous life he was a runt and not very brave, and in his new life he wanted to become stronger to make up for the fact that he considers himself responsible for Frost's death.

His mate was Serena (originally mispronounced as Selena), a character suggested by a Patreon Discord member. She was an older and more experienced wolf who helped to guide Lynx through his new life. She had a rivalry with the squirrels, who had been hoarding spirit energy. In her past life she was infertile and wanted pups, and hoped to have a family in the spirit realms.

Serena and Lynx had dreams of wolf pups, and Lynx hoped that they could have a pup who was the reincarnation of Frost. Either unlocking the white wolf coat (as Frost was white and this would be considered a connection to his spirit) or randomly rolling Frost's name would bring him into the realm. Soon after they dreamt of a legendary wolf who turned out to be their pup.

Their pup is not Frost, but Fawn, from Dawn and Onyx's first litter. As a legendary wolf, Fawn was closer to the fabric of the spirit realm and could have more dreams. She dreamt of warm clothing and led Lynx and Serena to the snowy lands to find better hunting. Shortly after arriving, though, the family suffered an strange illness which cost them some levels, which they then needed to make up.

The Dark Forest

Soon after they ran into a rival wolf pack, who seemed to be trying to take over their territory. They were contacted in a dream by Luna, the oldest ancestor, who warned them they would need to fight the invaders, who were named the Dark Forest Pack. She challenged them to drive away six wolves without faltering. Whilst on their quest the pack occasionally ran into wandering lynxes, which Serena felt, for reasons she could not understand, they should not fight. She thought this was because of Lynx's name, but they were still unaware that Frost (see below) had been incarnated into a lynx form, which may be what she was really picking up on.

With time running out before Serena was to have her second pup, the pack decided to seek out the Master of the Forest, a giant bear, for advice. When they found Dark Forest wolves nearby, though, they suspected the Master of the Forest was allied with the Dark Forest pack. They fell short of defeating them by one wolf, and realised that this would be a longer term problem than they first thought.

Alliance with other packs and the Moon Mother Bat

After failing to defeat the enemy wolves, the pack returned to the temperate forests, where they found that the foxes had grown more powerful and squirrels had been touched by the same shadow magic that Leonis discovered in his travels (see Leonis and Celestial, below). Together the pack defeated the 500th enemy of the Starry Skies pack, a skunk, and were granted ten ultimate chests by the ancestors in celebration. Included within the blessings were a gold fox that indicated future conflicts with the fox clan, and the pack's first pet, a flock of bats. Lynx was also granted a skull mask, connecting him to his lost brother Frost. The bats turned out to be the followers of The Moon Mother Bat, a Niche deity who sent her helpers into this new realm. She had an alliance with the Luna Moon Pack ancestors as both were associated with the moon.

Lynx and Serena's second child was Equilinix, a Patreon user submitted wolf. He had been a loner in life and ended up as wandering spirit with nowhere to go, until he formed an alliance with the Starry Skies Pack by being born into them.


First appearance: Secrets of a Bear-Wolf Named Atlas

Atlas briefly appeared as an armour-clad bear, albeit for only one episode as the bear had not been unlocked for full play yet. He assumed this form because he was known for chasing bears in his old life. Although he has yet to show up again, Lynx and Serena have dreamt of bears on many occasions, and these dreams may have been his doing.

Frost, Stardancer, and Altair

First appearance: Rebirth of a Frosted Lynx

Frost was Lynx's littermate, who likewise died young, but he could never be reunited with his brother because he was reborn as a lynx instead of a wolf (the lynx was unlocked in one of Serena's dreams). He was randomly chosen to be born as a lynx, which dashed both their hopes of a reunion. Frost became timid and withdrawn in the spirit realms. He had difficulty adjusting to his new form, and his first dream in the spirit realm was of a wolf pack.

Frost's mate was Stardancer, founder of the material world's Starry Skies Pack. As in life, she wanted to make her mark on the world. She was a playful spirit who did not understand why she had become a lynx, but did not mind or think it was worth dwelling upon.

Their child was Altair, originally from Moondancer and Nix's second litter. As an older ancestor, he was an intense, serious, traditional character.

Rain, Zephyr, and Droplet

First appearance: A Stormy Arrival of Horses?!

One of Atlas' daughters from the Stormy Skies Pack, Rain was reborn unexpectedly as a horse. She had been dormant for a long time before being summoned into a form in the spirit realm. As a horse she discovered that spirit energy from enemies she "killed" would turn into grass for her to eat, rather than her eating them directly. She was quick to reunite with her mate Zephyr, also a horse. They were both very strong and confident, and wanted to hurry and challenge the Master of the Plains, a giant moose. He was too strong for them, but they remained determined to face any challenge they could.

The Cow Sisters

When Rain and Zephyr wandered into the farm lands, they were given a quest from Luna. She tasked them with defeating four cow sisters, who had grown too aggressive for the spirit realms by attacking lesser spirits so brutally that they could not regenerate for a hundred years. Luna told them to look for the cow sisters by the "clover tower" (a windmill).

Upon successful completion of their quest, Rain and Zephyr had their first foal. This was Droplet, one of their children from their first litter as wolves.

Leonis and Celestial

First appearance: LIONS Unleashed on the SAVANNAH!!

Leonis was one of the children of Stardancer and Geo, from their second litter, who lived a long life but did not have a mate. He returned to the Wildcraft realms as a lion, after being given a mission from the ancestors to explore the savannah that had newly appeared in the spirit realms. He had difficulty at the start bringing down enough prey to build his strength, but slowly became used to being a lion. He discovered that the gazelles he hunted seemed to have a form of shadow magic (the interpretation of a graphical glitch causing their shadows to warp), and dreamed of curses they spread to the Starry Skies Pack.

Soon he found Celestial, a white lioness who was one of Eclipse and Twilight's children who died as a wolf pup and had been granted the power of speed. Together they were able to take down more prey and Leonis received a blessing from the ancestors, allowing him to take on a more vibrant coat. However the antelope's curse remained upon him, and he was too proud to tell Celestial about it. Instead they chose to fight the cheetahs, who were a powerful group upon the savannah. However the cheetahs were too strong for them and Leonis kept fainting when he attacked them, making him feel too ashamed to be around Celestial. She began to question if he was strong enough for the ancestors' challenges.

Leonis managed to grow stronger, but caught sight of a stranger lion with the power to float (another graphical glitch) and wondered if there was a rival pride on the savannah. Through visions of eagles, the ancestors urged him to explore the entire savannah in a bid to understand what happened to the cheetahs, who appeared to be under the influence of an unnatural rage.

The Shadow Curse

A curse fell upon the savannah and touched Celestial's spirit, and Luna spoke to Leonis to urge him to search for a gem hidden by the antelope herds to break the curse. The curse meant that she could not be controlled or given any additional strength. For each antelope that he hunted, he could appeal to the gods (via rolling a random number) to see if they knew of the gem's whereabouts. Fortunately he was aided by the Moon Bats, who had recently appeared to Lynx. Leonis searched hard, but with so many antelope on the savannah, he could not find the one with the gem.

The curse spread through Celestial's body, darkening her eyes and threatening to take over her white fur. Upon falling asleep, she found that the ancestors could no longer reach her to give her their blessings.


Rigel was from Nightlight and Pandora's first litter. He returned as a cheetah with the marbled king patterning. He had been chosen to be reborn in order to help Leonis find the shadow gem. Rigel's den was a large cave, which he found with the aid of the Moon Bats. Because he was alone, the Moon Bats turned out to be invaluable companions.


  • Seri has hinted that the world of Meadow may also be a spirit realm that ties into this one, where the more peaceful spirits who do not want to spend their time battling go to explore.
    • The Shelter world may also be an adjacent realm.
  • There is a possibility that the series may expand to include characters from series other than Wolfquest.